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Instructor-Led Training Company from IT Experts.

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Very few businesses thrive on the productivity of the employees, which is because those are exactly the same businesses that invest in efficient corporate training programs.

To get the point across, here are 5 out of 10 reasons why employees leave organization:

  • Feeling undervalued
  • Lack of Coaching and Feedback.
  • Inadequate raises and promotion.
  • Stalled in a monotonous job.
  • Better opportunity elsewhere.

Almost all the 5 reasons above, can be easily fixed opting for a Corporate Training Program, which is why today’s large and medium-sized companies spend a sizeable chunk of the HRD budget for the quality employee training programs.

It’s not all about the employees too, investing in skill training is the most efficient way to improve the business performance, profit, and productivity of the employees. And that is why choosing the right training partner happens to be the most important decision to drive your company towards success.

Kurela – Your Corporate Training Partner: Having partnered with Large, Medium and Start-up companies, we folks at Kurela Cognisive have made quite a name for ourselves in designing and delivering quality corporate training programs.

So, how do we do it? First things first, we make a careful assessment of the skill level and chart out the right plan that can meet the requirements. We sit with the client and zero-in on the deliverables and their training modes: Online, Offline, self-paced or a customized variant of the client’s choice.

Training is delivered by same highly skilled professionals who designed the course based on the client’s requirements. Assessment is done, progress is measured and feedback is taken at regular intervals to make sure everyone is on the right page.

And that’s not the end of the line for us with our clients. We also give all the necessary support to our clients after the training programs to help them reach the desired training goals.

Why Kurela?

  •  Customized training programs: You get to choose specific new skill your workforce need to gain and we do the same.
  • Extensive curriculum designed and personally delivered by top-of- line experts in the specific fields.
  • Custom made exercises and case studies that are in-tune with the client’s industry requirements for a holistic learning experience.
  • Cost-effective: High-quality training by skilled professionals delivered in less time and at an economical cost.

Come, join hands with us Kurela today, and let us start building a stronger workforce for tomorrow.

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Kurela Cognisive: Free Placement Training and Assistance

One thing is certain in IT:  The Cloud boom is happening and it’s here to stay.

Companies, both small and large; are embracing the Cloud like never-before, the demand for competent Cloud Professionals is high. Yet, the supply is bleak.

Though there is an adequate supply of certified folk, “their skill set is not in tune with the job requirements”; that is what most hiring managers say.  The common problem that students face during the hiring process is the lack of job-aptitude, which can be due to the mediocre course program they have been through. Given how comprehensive and complex the Cloud certification courses are, just a generalized hands-off approach in course training wouldn’t do.

How is Kurela Cognisive different?

At Kurela Cognisive, we make you job-ready.

And make sure you clinch the opportunity when it knocks your door.

Even better, we provide free placement training and assistance, i.e. we bring the opportunity to your door-step.

How do we do it?

It’s all to do with our impeccable curriculum and our expert mentors. A trainer can be anyone who trains a student but it takes a ‘Mentor’ to help a student become a competent professional.

The ‘Job-readiness’ we were talking about starts right from the Course design. Our mentors have experienced industry professionals who carefully design and develop our course curriculum in-tune with the job requirements in the market.

Our well-structured training modules are customized for both students and working professionals. Being the Enterprise Cloud Service providers ourselves, we design our course curriculum in a way that is comprehensive enough to develop all the required skills in real time.

The second phase of job readiness starts with our free Placement training and assistance services which focus on building the aptitude of students to help them get placed in reputed organizations.

Our Benefits:

  • Extensive Curriculum
  • Industry Recognized Certification
  • Trained and Mentored by Industry Experts
  • 100% Placement Assistance

There are scores of training centers which claim to train for certifications, but the only handful of them helps you build a successful career out of the certifications.

We folks at Kurela Cognisive are one in that handful; well, that is what our clients say.

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Entire IT industry has readily embraced the Cloud revolution. Large, medium or small; you will be hard-pressed to find a company that is not considering an option to go ‘Cloud’. From Transition, Management and most importantly, to harness the power of Cloud Services, you’ll need a team of expert Cloud Professionals in your bay.

And there are two ways to solve the problem: Either you hire and build an in-house Cloud Services team, pay for their training and get the work done. Or you just hire the Cloud Professionals whose job is to get the work done when the work is due; easy-peasy, and efficient.

Just like setting-up a traditional IT infrastructure that you will have to maintain, even when you are not using it, building an in-house Cloud Team is sort of expensive and ineffective.

Especially when you are dealing with technology that as advanced and as dynamic as Cloud Computing; hiring a Cloud Consultant becomes an easy choice.

If the Cloud Consultants are the best in the market with an excellent track-record, like we folks at Kurela Cognisive are; it becomes a fairly an obvious choice. Isn’t it?

Kurela Cognisive: Cloud Enterprise Services:

Set-up with a goal of providing affordable and efficient Enterprise Cloud Services, Kurela Cognisive has made name for itself as the ‘Most Promising Enterprise Cloud Service Provider’ in Hyderabad.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are the well-known industry experts, who also happens to train the ‘Cloud Trainers’ in the market. Our Cloud Professionals stay on top of the all the recent developments and offerings helping you chart-out the most optimized solution that ensures a smooth transition and operation.

Our Cloud experts help you define your Cloud infrastructure, plan your migration that is tailored to your specific needs and also offer end-to-end technical expertise in Development, Customization, Support, and Testing. All our Cloud Services are designed to efficiently use the power of Cloud Computing towards the success of your organization by reducing costs and increasing the ROI.

What do we do at Kurela Cognisive?

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Software Services
  • Cloud Application Services
  • Cloud Management Services


Planning to take your entire business into the Cloud?


Kurela Cognisive can help you benefit from the real power of Cloud!


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Not a problem.

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