Google Cloud Architect

this course is designed to be very informative with hands on labs

Training Highlights

  • 100% Certification Guarantee*
  • 100% Placement Guarantee*
  • Job support*
  • 30 Sample resumes provided, with preparation assistance.
  • Mock Interview organized to increase success rate in interview cracking
  • Live projects for each topic (real time projects)
  • Have delivered 200+ batches globally
  • Successfully placed 50+ candidates with 700000rs + Package.



  • Make architectural decisions based on AWS architectural principles and best practices
  • Leverage AWS services to make your infrastructure scalable, reliable, and highly available
  • Leverage AWS Managed Services to enable greater flexibility and resiliency in an infrastructure
  • Make an AWS-based infrastructure more efficient to increase performance and reduce costs
  • Use the Well-Architected Framework to improve architectures with AWS solutions
  • Use standard AWS infrastructure features such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and AWS Auto Scaling from the command line
  • Use AWS CloudFormation and other automation technologies to produce stacks of AWS resources
  • Build virtual private networks with Amazon VPC
  • Deploy Amazon EC2 instances using command line calls and troubleshoot common problems with instances
  • Monitor the health of Amazon EC2 instances and other AWS services
  • Manage identity, AWS permissions, and security in the AWS Cloud
  • Manage resource consumption in an AWS account using tags, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Determine the best strategy for creating reusable Amazon EC2 instances
  • Configure a set of Amazon EC2 instances that launch behind a load balancer
  • Troubleshoot a basic AWS CloudFormation stack definition



Venkatramaiah Kurela

15+ year IT professional, Solutions Engineer, Cloud Architect, Consultant and Technical Trainer. 7+ years involvement in AWS. Senior solutions design and technical implementation skills. 5/5 AWS certification holder with an extreme interest in serverless architecture, systems automation and IOT. An unhealthy obsession with Python, JSON and Cloudformation.