Azure Migrations

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Cloud Migration Project by Venkat Kurela (Cloud Neutral Certified Trainer and Consultant)

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Exciting news, this will boost your cloud career.

A Detailed Step-by-Step Hands-on Cloud Migration project that demonstrates skills From CAF (cloud adaption framework), Cloud Strategies, Adaption Stages, Migration tools, and Process to Hands on execution and post-migration steps.


You may be cloud certified (AWS / Azure / Google), maybe working professionally in the cloud or excited to get started with Cloud Technology, this On-Prem to AWS and On-Prem to Azure cloud migration will give wings to fly and to make your profile demanding.


Of thousands and Lacks cloud implementations, 80% are cloud migrations so you understand how demanding “Cloud Migrations” skill carries when attending AWS, Azure or Google cloud interviews. Add this rare skill to your profile and make your profile very demanding in cloud


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Venkatramaiah Kurela

15+ year IT professional, Solutions Engineer, Cloud Architect, Consultant and Technical Trainer. 7+ years involvement in AWS. Senior solutions design and technical implementation skills. 5/5 AWS certification holder with an extreme interest in serverless architecture, systems automation and IOT. An unhealthy obsession with Python, JSON and Cloudformation.